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Growth through stability and partnership

The ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe is an owner-managed project developer and portfolio holder that operates throughout Germany and is headquartered in Pullach near Munich. ECKPFEILER has also had an office in Nuremberg since 2020. Our many years of experience in changing and obtaining building permits, our creative team and our financial strength enable us to be successful even in complex situations. We know the strategic partners with whom we can implement our tailor-made plans.

Our focus is on the following business areas:


Our passion – sustainably developing the potential of real estate

We see the potential of the site and find the best possible solution. With intelligent planning, financial strength and passion, we are able to develop challenging projects that meet today's requirements for modern construction - from an economic, ecological and social perspective. We prefer to work with regional partners who also follow this approach.

Our Values

"Our foundations are passion, competence, capital strength, and entrepreneurship. We develop sustainable solutions in the real estate sector that create both entrepreneurial and social added value."

– Wolfgang Bogner, CEO

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What sets us apart

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We keep our promises

Reliability is of central importance to us. With us, the handshake counts.

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We love complex situations

To fully develop the potential of real estate, we think outside the box and develop creative and innovative solutions even for complex situations.

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We are financially strong

We finance projects with a three digits million Euro amount. This capital is committed for the long term.

We are pragmatic and fast

We act quickly and flexibly – a result of our flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths and many years of expertise.

Our business areas

Project Development

We develop sustainable residential quarters and ensembles that offer high quality of stay and security for the future.

Overview Project Development


We revitalize real estate to create attractive housing and make urban districts and neighborhoods more livable.


Overview Revitalization

Key Facts

since ECKPFEILER formation in 2015

Housing units developed

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Contact Form

ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe GmbH
Headquarters Pullach near Munich
Wolfratshauser Str. 49 | Haus 3
82049 Pullach

Contact Person
Anja Lohoff
Tel +49 89 30 90 450
Fax +49 89 30 90 45 45

ECKPFEILER Immobilien Nürnberg GmbH & Co. KG
Nuremberg Office
Emilienstr. 1
90489 Nuremberg

Contact Person
Maike Hofmann
Tel +49 911 8155 450
Fax +49 911 8155 45 45