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ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe

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ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe

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Our passion

Fully developing the potential of real estate

As an owner-managed real estate company, we focus on three areas:

  1. the project development of commercial and residential projects,
  2. the revitalisation and valorisation of existing properties,
  3. and the development of serviced apartments (micro living, students, seniors).

Our aim is to create sustainable added value both from an entrepreneurial and a social perspective.

That makes us special

We are fast and pragmatic

As an owner-managed company with flat hierarchies, short decision paths, and years of expertise, we act quickly and flexibly.

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We love complex situations

We think outside the box and develop innovative and creative solutions to fully develop the potential of real estate.

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We are financially strong

We can even implement large-scale construction projects over a long period of time. Over the next three years, we will spend around €400 million on purchasing new real estate and developing our stock.

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We keep our promises

As a medium-sized German entrepreneur, reliability is central to us. With us, the handshake counts.

Our Management

Wolfgang Bogner


Wolfgang Bogner

Dr. Florian Meise


Thomas Probst


Dr. Ulf Lange


Dr. Matthias Meise



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Business Approach

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