Business Approach

Our passion: Fully developing the potential of real estate

Our Approach

Solutions with added value for all stakeholders

Our business approach is based on a strong foundation: We have comprehensive experience for large real estate projects, creativity to think "outside the box", and capital strength to execute large projects over the long term. By combining these cornerstones [in German: Eckpfeiler], we actively develop real estate with potential.

Only intelligent utilisation concepts can create solutions with added value for all interest groups. It is particularly important to us to proactively involve these interest groups in order to ensure balanced interests. Partnerships up to joint ventures play a major role for us.

The ECKPFEILER Business Approach

  • Approach
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    • Active development of real estate with potential

    • Owner-managed real estate group

  • Focus
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    • Project development
      • Change and creation of building rights
        • Property size > 20,000 m² preferred in southern Germany
        • Commercial and corporate real estate
        • Brownfields
        • Undeveloped properties
        • Also unresolved building law situations
    • Revitalization
      • Enhancement of portfolio objects
        • Residential portfolios and commercial properties in special situations
        • From 100 residential units or from 5,000 m² gross floor area (commercial)
        • Nationwide
    • Serviced Apartments
      • Concepts for modern living
        • Micro-Apartments, Students, Seniors
        • Segregated portfolio objects or properties
        • In A-, B- and C-cities

The ECKPFEILER Foundation

Our References

Project Development
over 540,000 m² plot area

over 2,200 units and 151,000 m² commercial space

of industrial and commercial areas in higher-value uses

Our Interests

Land plots
with development potential

Residential portfolios
with a special starting position

Existing properties
with potential for rededication or compaction


Corporate properties
(not required for operation)

Our added value for you

Creative solutions
also for complex situations

Quick decisions
directly by the owners

and reliability in the partnership

Capital-strong partner
with a long-term perspective

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