Our revitalization projects at a glance

Some residential complexes are in a challenging situation: They are not adequately managed or far too little is being invested in renovation and maintenance – often for years. Accordingly, they are not very attractive and despite the housing shortage not rented out completely. With us, such properties are in safe hands. With our years of property expertise, we help residential and commercial portfolios with vacancies and investment backlogs to be fundamentally revitalized.

We recognize the potential, invest in the renovation of the property and, depending on the initial situation, take further measures. In this way, we contribute to creating contemporary, attractive apartments and a property with a high quality of life that sustainably enhance the entire district.


Revitalization of existing properties

Purchase Profile

  • Metropolitan region of Munich and Nuremberg, in particular Rosenheim, Landshut and Regensburg
  • A- and B-cities throughout Germany, C-cities in Bavaria from 20,000 inhabitants
  • Locations with good local infrastructure
  • Existing properties with significant development potential
  • Preferred conversion of commercial into
    residential / mixed area
  • Undeveolped plots from 5,000 m²
  • Greenfields and Brownfields from 10,000 m²

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