Our mission: Sustainably improving living space

Revitalization of residential and commercial complexes

Revitalization at ECKPFEILER

Some housing complexes are in a challenging situation: they are not adequately managed locally, or there is not enough investment in renovation and maintenance and this often over years. Accordingly, they are not very attractive and are not completely rented despite the housing shortage.

Such properties especially are in good hands with us. We invest in the sustainable improvement of the flats and take care of a fundamental revitalisation of the real estate on site. In this way, we help create attractive living space and make quarters and neighbourhoods more liveable again.

What kind of real estate we revitalise

Our focus is on properties from 100 units upwards with a special starting position due to high vacancy rates, maintenance backlogs, or a difficult overall situation. After the successful implementation of the improvement measures, we keep a part in stock in the long run and sell other parts to long-term portfolio holders. We are active nationwide in cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants.


Valorisation of Existing Properties

Search Profile Revitalization

  • Commercial properties in inner-city locations
  • Residential portfolios with high vacancy rates and investment needs
  • Residential portfolios also with low vacancy rates if supplementing our current stocks
  • Commercial properties from 5,000 m² floor area upwards
  • Residential portfolios from 200 units upwards (from 100 units upwards if in addition to our stocks)


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