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The residential and office building in the south of Cologne was acquired in 2015 by a Dutch insolvency administrator. It is located in the Zollstock district, where companies like Goethaer and UNICEF have their registered office and which has a good public transport connection and proximity to the centre of Cologne. The property with a floor area of about 2,100 m² and a land area of 1,000 m² had a high vacancy rate at the time of acquisition. After the development phase was completed in 2017, as part of the conversion to a block of flats, the majority of the 66 flats were renovated, the common areas and the entrance area redesigned, and the flats fully furnished. At the same time, the commercial leases were extended on a long-term basis. The stock property is fully leased. The preliminary application for a building extension is currently pending.

Project Information


Zollstock District

approx. 1.000 m²

Land Area






Stock Property with Full Occupancy

approx. 2.100 m²

Floor Area Stock

Development Goal

Complete Eenovation incl.
Furnishing Completed

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