Bestandsentwicklung München-Neuaubing

Plot size

New floor area



The OBI hardware store with a total rental area of 11,600 m² was built in the west of Munich in 2009 and acquired by ECKPFEILER in 2019. The single-tenant property is fully leased to OBI. The lease runs long-term. The 24,000 m² plot is directly and visibly situated at the entrance to the Metro commercial area and is centrally located. The property in the Neuaubing/Pasing district is well connected and can be reached by car via Bundesstraße [Main Road] 2.

Facts about the project

Project type Revitalization development
Location Munich-Neuaubing
Plot size approx. 24,000 m²
New floor area approx. 20,000 m²
Current useage DIY store
Purchase 2019
Development goal Development to a mixed area
Status concept phase

Highway A 99

City park Pasing

Marienplatz Munich

Location & Surroundings

Neuaubing is part of Aubing, the westernmost district of Munich. To the west of Aubing lies the Aubinger Lohe forest area, which is one of the Munich green belts. The population for the entire urban district of Aubing-Lochhausen is almost 40,000. It is noteworthy that the district has the highest proportion of multi-person households. In the undeveloped areas in Neuaubing and north of Bodenseestrasse, in Freiham, between 9,000 and 10,000 new apartments are planned for the next few years. The project location is in the middle of an industrial park to which a residential area, predominantly single-family and multi-family houses, adjoins to the west. The "Neuaubing" S-Bahn stop is in the immediate vicinity; the S8 line leads directly to the airport via Pasing, Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof.

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