Student Apartments

The student flats in Clausthal-Zellerfeld with a floor area of approximately 2,100 m² and a land area of 4,000 m² were acquired together with other properties in 2018 as part of a portfolio transaction. Clausthal-Zellerfeld is a university town with around 13,000 inhabitants. The 77 flats are furnished by us and have their own bathrooms. The residential complex is centrally located on the edge of the campus, near the canteen and library of Clausthal University of Technology. The centre of Clausthal and numerous shopping opportunities are not far away. The vacancy at the time of acquisition was around 42%. Currently, most of the flats are being renovated, the common areas and the entrance area redesigned, and the flats fully furnished.

Project Information






4.000 m²

Land Area

Development Goal

Refurbishment of Housing Stock

approx. 2.100 m²

Floor Area Stock


Fire Protection and Interior Renovation

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