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Development of residential and commercial properties

Project Development at ECKPFEILER

We develop new residential and commercial properties by converting commercial into residential and by developing derelict land. By means of intelligent project development and target-oriented acquisition of building rights, we aim to sustainably increase the value of individual living spaces and prepare them for future changes.

Where we develop the potential of real estate

Our focus is on the purchase of undeveloped land from 20,000 m² and developed land from 5,000 m² with development potential as well as hotel and tourism properties from 150 units. In Munich and the surrounding area, Nuremberg and the surrounding area as well as in A, B and C cities throughout Germany.

Change and procurement of building rights

Purchase profile project development

  • Metropolitan regions of Munich & Nuremberg, in particular Augsburg, Rosenheim, Landshut, Regensburg
  • A-, B- and C-cities nationwide
  • Properties with existing buildings with development potential
  • Preferred conversion from commercial to residential from 5,000 m² plot area upwards
  • Undeveloped plots of land, land awaiting construction from 20,000 m² plot area upwards
  • Hotel and tourism properties from 150 units upwards

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ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe GmbH
Munich Headquarters
Dr.-Gustav-Adolph-Str. 2
82049 Pullach

Contact Person
Anja Lohoff
Tel +49 89 30 90 450
Fax +49 89 30 90 45 45

ECKPFEILER Immobilien Nürnberg GmbH
Nuremberg Office
Emilienstraße 1
90489 Nürnberg

Contact Person
Dr. Sebastian Greim
Tel +49 911 81 55 45 0
Fax +49 911 81 55 45 45