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The Kirschgaerten [Kirsch garden] on the former site of the steam sawmill Theodor Kirsch & Sons in Munich-Untermenzing was acquired in 2015. It covers an area of approximately 120,000 m² and extends from the neighbourhood centre at Oertelplatz in the north along Kirschstraße in the east to the adjacent residential development on Allacher Straße in the south. It is nestled in the middle of a small-scale residential area with single-family and multi-family houses and is conveniently connected to the Allach and Untermenzing S-Bahn stops.

As part of a development plan process, Munich's probably most sustainable residential district KIRSCHGÄRTEN was developed here. The 12 hectare and completely sealed area will be unsealed and by 2030 around 1,300 apartments - predominantly in wood hybrid construction - will be built, as well as 60,000 m² of green spaces and social infrastructure.

Currently still used as a storage and logistics location, demolition of the first halls began in March 2024 in order to prepare the areas for the future elementary school. At the same time, demolition preparations are underway for the first construction phase with around 230 subsidized apartments.

The district in Untermenzing will be enhanced by approximately 60,000 m² of new green space, including an approximately 24,000 m² public landscape park as well as sharing and service offers for future residents, but also the existing neighborhood.


Facts about the project

Project type Project development
Location Munich-Untermenzing
Plot size 120,000 m²
Floor area 126,000 m²
Purchase 2015
Energy standard KfW 40 efficiency house

One of Munich's largest and greenest projects

The approximately 12-hectare kirschgaerten on the property of the former steam sawmill Theodor Kirsch & Sons is currently one of Munich's largest inner-city development areas. In the course of a development plan process, a sustainable and lively residential area is being created, which will enhance the location with its large proportion of greenery and will offer future residents a high quality of life.


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Main Station

Location & Surroundings

The Kirschgelände is located in the Munich district of Untermenzing. This district is known and loved above all for its proximity to nature: many green spaces, the river Würm, the Beersiedlung and, last but not least, the 40-hectare Angerlohe forest area make Untermenzing a district with a high quality of life and living. When walking along the Würm, you quickly forget that you are in the big city.

Despite the rural flair, the city is within easy reach: The city centre of Munich is only a few minutes away by S-Bahn and the airport is also easy to reach. In addition, the neighbourhood itself, with its centre at Oertelplatz, offers everything your heart desires: be it shopping facilities, doctors and pharmacies or places to relax.

Then & now

Over 120 years ago, the industrial entrepreneur Theodor Kirsch founded the steam sawmill Theodor Kirsch & Söhne on the site now named after him. It was the second branch of the main factory in Thuringia and at the same time the first industrial plant in what is now the city of Munich. He thus led both the city of Munich and Allach, which was still very much a village at the time, into a new age.

Today, our aim is to revive the creativity, visions and pioneering spirit of the founder in the new quarter on the Kirsch site. In doing so, the emotional and historical significance of the site as well as its influence on the city of Munich serve as an important basis for the quarter's development. The aim is to return the site to its original purpose by creating an urban living space that offers people a home fit for the future and sustainably changes the view of urban living.

Opening of the branch of the Thuringian steam sawmill Kirsch & Söhne in Munich-Allach

Conversion of Theodor Kirsch & Söhne KG into Theodor Kirsch & Söhne AG

München Kirschgelände

Liquidation of the Munich plant

Acquisition of the Kirsch site by ALLPG Immobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co.

Modell Kirschgelände Projektentwicklung Eckpfeiler Immobilien

Conducting the architectural competition

Start of the first construction phase

Munich Kirschgaerten

"Our goal: a neighbourhood that is lively and of high ecological and urban development quality. It should be integrated into the surrounding residential development, but at the same time it should develop an independent identity."

– Wolfgang Bogner, CEO ECKPFEILER Immobilien Gruppe

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